Osceola County Belongs To You

This is your county, and it needs your help! High taxes, congested roads, and a lack of high wage jobs; is placing your home at risk.
We need to do something about it before our county is destroyed!

YOU can help by doing your part today and choosing to support a candidate that will work for you and only you.


Traffic issues will not be solved by building more roads, but by working on "Traffic Fluidity".


The money you earn is yours to begin with and should stay in your pocket.  We need to find other funding sources for projects.


Fast Food and Check Cashing Locations will not pay the bills. We need to attract real jobs for real working families. 


This commission belongs to you! So why should we hide anything from you? Lets let our residents know whats going on.

Who's Marcos?

My family is no different from yours. Filled with love, laughter, anger, and pain. Going through many family struggles, like the 2008 economic downturn and subsequent recovery to going through the aging process and dealing with family loss. We have stuck together and worked hard to come up from the "Campo" that we originated from. It was my grandmother's, and their siblings that came and settled in Lawrence, Massachusetts working everything from the 60's version of ride-sharing, laundry service, to textile. Today my family has grown from being agricultural workers in the Dominican Republic, into college-educated professionals and hard-working individuals.


Though I was born in Lawrence my self, I have come to call Osceola County home and have spent the majority of my life here. I wouldn't give it up for anything else. I moved here in 2001 with my family. We came to straight to Poinciana, much of our family later coming down as well. Then we were the only house on the street and have seen Poinciana grow from wilderness to the busy community it is today. I graduated from Valencia with my Associates Degree and attended the University of Central Florida for my Bachelors Degree. I have worked everything from Radio Shack to being a Campaign Manager for a now, City of Kissimmee Commissioner. I currently work at an Orlando law firm, but am looking forward to becoming your next Commissioner.

Approved and Paid for by Marcos Marrero, Libertarian for

Osceola County Commission District 3.

Created by The Urban Cow 2018​